Application Questions

What do I do if the Dermaflage is peeling?

Make sure that your skin is completely clean- free of moisturizers, skincare products and makeup.

If you have oily skin, you may need the Extended Wear Primer. Make sure you use the primer all around the area- not just the scar or wrinkle itself. A little bit of Dermaflage spreads out more than you think and you want to make sure that the primer reaches all of the edges to hold them down.

What do I do if the Dermaflage looks raised?

Try using less Dermaflage- use just enough to fill the recession and then smooth out the edges with your fingers (do not dab or pat, you do not want to put any texture into the Dermaflage).

Dermaflage is buildable so if you didn’t use enough the first time, you can just add another layer.

Experiment with the two application techniques: 1. with mixing tips 2. mixing the two chambers yourself and using the precision application tool.

What do I do if it looks shiny?

Make sure you are getting the pad on the Dermaflage before it begins to harden. The pad impresses texture into the silicone to make it look like real skin with fine lines and pores.

Make sure you tap all around the pad with moderate pressure (not too hard or you’ll push the product out of the recessed area!)

Don’t take it off too soon! If you remove the pad too soon it will not have a good matte finish- wait the full 2 minutes and then peel back slowly.

What happens if the colour is off?

We have a FREE colour exchange for 1st time customers! Just email us at and let us know if you need to go a shade lighter or darker.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a full colour exchange for international customers because of the shipping expense. However, if you email us at we’ll send you a 50% discount code.

What happens if it hardens too fast?

Once you apply the silicone, you have about 20 seconds to use your finger to gently smooth the material into the scar or frown line before using the pad. You’ll get better with practice but until then, you can put your applicator in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before you use it if you want more time to work with it. In warmer conditions it will set-up faster and likewise, it slows down when it’s cooler.

How do I know when it's ready?

It takes a full 2 minutes for the silicone to fully cure. If you use the mixing tip, check the end- when the left over material is solid, it’s ready.

If the silicone sticks to the pad when you peel it back, the product has not yet dried and you’ll need to start again. Also, be sure that the area where you intend to use the Dermaflage is clean, dry and does not have any moisturizer- the silicone will not stick to any sort of oil.