How to Conceal Acne Scars

The question of how to conceal acne scars is a challenging one. If you struggled with acne that left deep acne scarring, learning how to best conceal acne scars can make you feel confident in your appearance. Here is a run-down of the most popular categories of over-the-counter products for how to conceal acne scars.
  • Scar creams, gels, and peels
  • Traditional makeup
  • Advanced cosmetics like Dermaflage.

Scar Removal Creams, Gels, and Peels

How to Conceal Acne Scars

Scar creams, gels, and peels are a good option if you are looking to conceal milder acne scars. The main goal of scar removal formulas is to make acne scars fade. These formulas are usually a solution or a cream. So, be careful with these products and consult your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin. The active ingredients in scar treatment formulas exfoliate the skin, causing scarred cells to slough off. This allows new, normal cells to form in the scarred cell’s place. Dermaflage's Good Skin corrective cream contains ingredients that can help improve the appearance of scars over time. The photos below are an example from a leading scar removal product, Revitol, which is a company that provides natural health and beauty products that they have researched and developed.

How to conceal acne scars

Most of these products take at least a month for results to be noticeable. However, these products are not intended to make acne scars disappear completely, but rather are used to fade scars and reduce discoloration. Since these products are chemically based they can irritate sensitive skin.


Makeup to Conceal Acne Scars

It is worth talking to a make up artist about your particular acne scars, because there is not a one size fits all approach. And if you don’t have a good technique, make up can often backfire by creating a cakey, unnatural look. There are different colored concealers for blocking out different shades of scars. Green concealers are best for covering red and pink scars, yellow concealers hide brown and purple scars, and makeup that matches your skin tone conceals white scars. For many people who want to cover up their scars, makeup is the first option that comes to mind; however, it might not be the most effective. Makeup conceals discoloration, but is not great at creating an even texture on scarred skin. Make up can often highlight the uneven skin. Not good!


Dermaflage Fills and Conceals Acne Scars

Of course we are a bit biased, but for good reason! Dermaflage is the best way to conceal acne scars, because professional make up artists use it on their clients, including celebrities. We have made a kit that is easy for the average consumer to use. Dermaflage can be the most effective option if you want flawless smooth skin. Designed by a Hollywood makeup artist, the 3D silicone scar filler makeup instantly fills in icepick, hides rolling scars, and covers boxcar scars. Unlike normal makeup, it stays on for up to 36 hours so you don’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day! Basically, Dermaflage is like an invisible band-aid that hides unwanted imperfections. Dermaflage comes in 12 different tones, which helps to perfectly match your skin tone. View the color chart here! And if you aren’t happy, we offer a FREE tone exchange and 100% Money Back Guarantee – we want you to have success!

We have a YouTube video that shows how Dermaflage works to conceal Acne Scars!

Dermaflage fills and conceals acne scars instantly. Conceal acne scars
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