Best Sunscreen for Scars

Best Sunscreen for Scars

Sunscreen for Scars

Today, we are becoming more and more aware on how to properly take care of our skin. When it comes to the topic of healthy skin, scars and blemishes are inevitable. People are constantly looking for the best make up to cover acne scars and products to help aid in their search for perfect skin. Products that aim to empower people and make them feel confident are great! But it is vital to educate ourselves of proper scar care and what products to actually use. It is always important to protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays, especially when it comes to scars. Scar tissue is much more susceptible to the sun’s rays than regular skin. Many of us are not aware of how potent the sun’s rays are, even on a cloudy day.


Preventing Discolored Scars

There are a number of variables that go into the appearance of a scar once it is healed. For example, genetics is a determinant on how the skin will scar, as well as how properly the wound or cut was taken care of early on. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, scars are more sensitive to sunlight compared to regular skin. Dermatologists suggest that you should conceal your scars from the sun completely. This is due to the fact that scars that receive sunlight may turn discolored and stand out (hyperpigmentation), rather than blend in with your healthy skin.


Top Ways to Prevent Scars

  • “Pre-hab” is the best scar prevention… proper wound care!
  • Cover scar(s) from sunlight. (clothes, band aids, sunscreen of SPF30 or higher)
  • Massaging/rubbing area of scarring. (great for hypertrophic or keloid scars)
  • The use of healing creams and silicone gels.
skin sun blog postChoosing a Sunscreen One of the most effective ways of taking care of scars is applying a scar-friendly sun screen. SPF’s of 30 or more work best. Many products offer SPF’s ranging from 50-150. Although these products may be effective, many have extra chemical ingredients that may irritate or cause an allergic reaction. More is not always better, unless you are referring to applications. Maybe you already apply sunscreen to your scars, but are you applying it frequently enough? Depending on the area of your scar, it is vital that you apply sunscreen to the spot a few times a day, especially if you are sweating or have oily skin.
Best Sunscreen for Scars 
Made in the Shade Mineral Foundation Powder with SPF 26
So how do you get proper protection from sunlight and still accommodate sensitive skin. Our Dermaflage team heard this question in emails and phone calls from customers so we set out to find an answer - a sunscreen formulated specifically for the sensitive skin of scars. We always recommend our Made in the Shade mineral foundation powder, because it contains SPF. However, it's full-coverage and waterproof, to help conceal the scar. It's a win/win product, which is available in multiple shades and for sensitive skin.
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