Best Acne Scar Makeup - Pro Makeup Artists Tips for Hiding Acne Scars

Best Acne Scar Makeup - Pro Makeup Artists Tips for Hiding Acne Scars

Acne scars can be tough to conceal, but pro make up artists know the best acne scar makeup. Never underestimate the power of a good concealer! Even the most effective acne scar treatment can take months to show results. However, the instant gratification of a layer of flawless foundation or expertly blended concealer is priceless. 

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Explore Acne Concealer Options

For foundation, the message is clear: go full-coverage or don’t bother. Select the right formula for your skin type, such as oil-free, oil-based, water-free or water-based. The coverage spectrum ranges from the opaque, complete coverage of a water-free product (which may be a bit heavy for everyday wear) to an oil-based cream version. The latter may contain skincare benefits, down to a water-based formula that is buildable. Plus, it lets you layer it heavier only in the areas that need more coverage. Color-matching is key, and best achieved in natural light. Never try to color-correct your whole face with a base that’s darker or lighter than your natural skin tone. Well, unless the “mask” look is what you’re going for.face paint

Full Coverage for Discolored Acne Scars

A full-coverage concealer is your secret weapon when it comes to hiding discolored acne scars. It's ultra-effective when you use it to color-correct instead of simply cover. An ordinary concealer will only lighten your scar to a paler shade of red, purple, or brown, “neutralize” the scar with a concealer that cancels it out with an undertone of green, blue, or yellow in a base of beige. Refer to the color wheel below and find the hue that’s directly opposite from color of your scar: green and red neutralize each other; and yellow corrects purple. The best acne scar makeup for discoloration utilizes this technique from the professionals. Best Acne Scar Makeup - Pro Makeup Artist Tips for Hiding

Best Acne Scar Makeup to Hide Shadows

How do you take your acne scar camouflage to the next level? Take on both the color and the texture of your scar with a dual-benefit product like Dermaflage, a silicone topical filler that “resurfaces” the uneven skin caused by acne scars by filling and concealing the recessed, shadowy area that other makeup can’t effectively smooth and hide. Dermaflage can hide boxcar scars and conceal acne icepick scars. The topical filler forms a smooth layer on top of the indentation. Not only does it cover the scar, it’s flexible and moves with your skin; gives waterproof and smudge-proof performance that lasts all day; and somehow manages to look like real skin thanks to its tone, texture and translucency that lets your natural pigment come through. Better yet, studies show that silicone improves the skin’s appearance over time, to make the scar smoother, softer and lighter while you disguise it. If you want to try a new tool to hide your icepick acne scars, check out this tutorial video on hiding icepick acne scars by Genna - check out the amazing before after photos below! Jenna_BeforeAfter 

Good luck on finding the best acne scar makeup. Cheers! Aimee from the Dermaflage Team

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